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Top 8 benefits of an online staff planner
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Top 8 benefits of an online staff planner


Read about these 8 benefits of switching to cloud-hosted staff planning software.

As a small business owner who also manages employees, you probably know the feeling of being awash in a sea of spreadsheets. You need a spreadsheet to mark employee absences, one for employee holiday tracking, one for tracking time off in lieu (TOIL), and so many more. It gives us a headache just thinking about it!

That’s why, to save yourself time, energy and needless frustration, you should shift to using an online staff planner. Not only will you no longer need spreadsheets, but you’ll also find that all sorts of tedious staff planning, and holiday tracking processes are now automated or made customisable for you. After using it for just a little while, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it.

Don’t believe us? Read about these 8 benefits of switching to an online staff planner.

1. It’s Auditable

When the time for staff audits comes around, you’ll be ready with your online staff planner by your side. In Team Planner, we’ve included sections for staff member information which you can update using just a few clicks and keystrokes. This way, the auditor can simply audit Team Planner to perform their assessment. It’s as easy as pie!

2. Securely Hosted

Team Planner is securely hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, providing best in class security and redundancy.

3. Self-service Requests

Need help using your online staff planner? With Team Planner, you can place a self-service request with our support team, and we’ll assist you with your problem as soon as possible.

4. Automatic Calculation Of Entitlement

Team Planner provides an automatic calculation of entitlement, thus functioning as a convenient staff holiday tracker. Whether a staff member started working for you in the middle of the year or has been employed for the full year, you will always have an accurate calculation of how much annual holiday leave they’re entitled to.

5. Custom Time Off In Lieu Rules

What about when your employee has worked overtime and needs to take time off in lieu (TOIL)? How do you keep track of how many TOIL hours they’ve accrued?

Once again, Team Planner is on hand to work as your staff holiday tracker, enabling you to create custom TOIL rules that help you calculate and schedule TOIL for each employee who has worked overtime.

6. Accessible From Anywhere

Are you the type of small business owner who likes to be on the go? Maybe you’re a workaholic who checks their staff planner outside of work or on the weekends.

The good news is that whether you’re in the office or on a beach in Fiji, you can access Team Planner. That’s the beauty of planning and managing your staff schedule online.

7. No Need To Maintain Spreadsheets

Have we mentioned that with an online staff planner that performs TOIL and holiday tracking, there’s no need for you to maintain any spreadsheets?

We keep harping on about this because we know that spreadsheets are the bane of business owners’ existence. As such, we want you to know that Team Planner eliminates the need for them altogether.

8. Make Sure Teams Have The People They Need To Operate

Finally, using an online staff planner helps you make sure that all your teams are staffed with the people they need to operate. By checking Team Planner, you’ll know exactly who’s on holiday, who’s absent, who’s using their TOIL hours, and so on. Essentially, you’ll be keeping your finger on the pulse of your workforce, enabling you to identify empty slots and fill them in quickly to keep your business running smoothly.


With all of these benefits, you’ll never want to go back to holiday tracking with spreadsheets again! Give Team Planner a try today.

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